Performing complex surgeries in Markazi province

04 May 2020 | 11:12 Code : 9175 news
Performing complex surgeries in Markazi province
Performing complex surgeries in Markazi province

According to WebDa Markazi and experts report, in the field of Health and treatment should focus more on preventing and teaching healthy lifestyle along with many other needs so that in addition to reducing government and nation costs, it is possible to plan for the health and progress of the next generation. 

However, one of these advances in surgery is "endovascular surgery", which is now being performed in the province by skilled surgeons.

Dr. Nazemi Rafi in an interview with public relations of Arak University of Medical Sciences and the pretext of performing his third surgery with this method, said" Endovascular surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to treat a variety of ailments such as artery disease, carotid, renal, aneurysm, obesity, prostate enlargement, varicocele, and, most importantly, to treat cerebral hemorrhage".

" In endovascular treatment the vascular surgeon under local anesthesia, first accesses one of the body's arteries, by a needle from the surface of the skin, then uses a catheter, which is a long, narrow soft tube, to access the treatment site, which may be anywhere in the body and treats through arteries through advanced equipment" he added.

He also mentioned that this method is also used to treat brain vascular lesions, which are very dangerous.

He said that high-speed surgery; less bleeding, shorter recovery times, reduced operating time, and reduced risk for patients with severe venous abnormalities are some of the benefits of this type of surgery.

In the end, he expressed hope that this type of surgery could help treat a number of diseases in different parts of the body and various organs, especially brain complications.