Markazi province become a model for other provinces

27 May 2020 | 10:49 Code : 9619 news
Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor said that considering that Markazi province was the second province to be infected with coronavirus and there was no familiarity with this virus and ways to deal with it in the world, the effective measures of Markazi province became an experience and model for other provinces of the country.
Markazi province become a model for other provinces

Markazi province become a model for other provinces

According to WebDa Markazi report Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Jamaliyan added that At the beginning of the outbreak of the disease, there were many ambiguities and questions, which made it more difficult to deal with this unknown virus. 

He stated that the proximity to Qom province and the high volume of contacts with this province had doubled the speed of the spread of this disease, and we had to take measures as soon as possible to inform the people and, of course, isolate them.

Arak University of Medical Sciences said that in the first days of the spread of the virus in the province, the number of people visiting hospitals was very high, and people went to hospitals and medical centers with fear and panic, seeing the slightest symptoms, with the launch of the 3839 system and the cooperation of the people, the volume of referrals was greatly reduced. 

He mentioned that the next strategy was to protect the lives of medical personnel, but with careful planning and diligent efforts, the shortage of personal protective equipment in the early days, such as the n95 mask, guns and other equipment, was eliminated, and no deaths were reported among medical personnel.

Dr. Jamaliyan pointed to regular holding of meetings of province's biological defense base and added" Good decisions, such as closure of universities, dormitories, and schools, and the promulgation of Health protocols for industries and guilds, were approved and sometimes implemented for the first time in the country during these one-day meetings. 

Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor also called lunch of the " say no to shaking hands" movement an innovative and, of course, very effective measure in the early days.

He said that purchasing diagnostic kits in February and setting up a pcr laboratory capable of sampling and responding in less than 24 hours led to rapid decision-making, patient identification and isolation of the infected person and those around them, and timely quarantine action are other measures taken in these critical days. 

"From all officials, managers and people, jihadi groups, municipalities, armed forces, non-governmental organizations and donors, to figure out the purest moments of empathy and help, I sincerely appreciate and wish health to all my dear fellow provinces" In the end, Dr. Jamaliyan said.