The first pharmaceutical active ingredients town in the Middle East was exploited in Shazand

09 June 2020 | 13:00 Code : 9850 news
The first phase of the first pharmaceutical active ingredients town in the Middle East and production of acetaminophen in Middle East with presence of deputy Minister of Health and head of Medical Equipment Department and deputy Minister of Industry, Governor General of Markazi, Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor and a group of Markazi province officials was exploited in Shahid Babaei industrial area of Shazand.
The first pharmaceutical active ingredients town in the Middle East was exploited in Shazand

According to WebDa Markazi report, Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education through video conferencing in launch ceremony of this pharmaceutical and Health plan said" The year of production leap is recorded in history of the country's pharmaceutical industry, and Iran has made every effort to take advantage of its domestic potential to meet the country's drug needs".
Dr. Saeed Namaki added that there are competent scientists and pharmacists in the field of Health in the country, and this advantage should be used to the fullest in creating honors in the field of production and self-sufficiency.
Minister of Health and Medical Education said that 20 percent drop in drug prices this year compared to 2019 is another priority this year.
Dr. Namaki stated that decline in pharmaceutical currency last year compared to same period last year was voluntary without pressure from central bank. 
"30 percent of country's domestic production increased last year, relying on the ability of domestic artisans and producers and avoiding excessive imports" he added.
At the end Dr.Namaki  said that country's pharmaceutical system experienced difficult but proud conditions last year, and in the next steps it will strongly support domestic production and prevent process of increasing exports.
During the operation of this pharmaceutical project, deputy Minister of Health and head of Medical Equipment Department also mentioned that its emergence is one of the concrete examples of production leap.
"One of the important pillars of the resistance economy is to distance oneself from raw material sales and rely on value-added processing, which is important in the country's pharmaceutical industry" Dr. Mohammad Reza Shanesaz added.
Head of Medical Equipment Department continued" Iran contrary to popular belief, with its coherent management and purposeful cooperation, has been able to become self-sufficient and become a hub of production in 45 days in the management of Corona disease with Ministries of Industry and Health to provide health items, disinfectants and masks.
Deputy Minister of Industry added" Self-reliance is one of the most important programs of the country and the Ministry of Industry and this year all efforts will be made to realize the maximum potential in various sectors.
Mohammad Sadegh  Niyaraki added that deepening construction of the interior and completing the semi-finished projects is on the agenda, and by the end of this year, 1700 billion rials of the projects will be launched in the form of a construction program every week in different parts of the country.
At the end Niyaraki aid that devaluation in the country is being seriously pursued, and in this regard, all sectors and capacities must work.
Governor General of Markazi province also during the launch of this drug plan said that Markazi province is center of country's industry and has a good success in the field of pharmaceutical production, and the launch of the pharmaceutical active ingredients town can be a platform to turn this region into a hub for drug production in the country.
Seyyed Ali Agha Zadeh added that  to build this important pharmaceutical town in Shazand city, five million dollars have been invested so far and this industry is one of the important production capacities for the province. 
"Markazi province was the second province  to be affected by Corona disease in the country, but with efforts of centered program, it was able to achieve relative stabilization of the disease and now ranks 21st in terms of the number of people infected with the virus" he said.
At the end Agha Zadeh stated that the province is ready to attract investors from pharmaceutical units.
 It is worth mentioning that the first stage of this town includes the complete production line of acetaminophen with private sector investment in the amount of five million dollars, the annual sale of which is estimated at 100 billion tomans of Rial income and 10 million dollars from export.