Take Action on Covid-19

"The slogan of World Men's Health Week was "Take Action on Covid-19

16 June 2020 | 09:34 Code : 9940 news
"The slogan of World Men's Health Week was "Take Action on Covid-19

According to Web Da Markazi report, because of prevalence of corona disease this year and high incidence and mortality of covid 19 in men, this week's slogan is "Take Action on Covid-19" internationally, this occasion is a great opportunity to inform and sensitize  the male community, governmental, non-governmental organizations and various classes about Quaid 19.
Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Jamaliyan added that in such situation, informing, trying to raise awareness of men to issue of Health in general and Quaid 19 disease specifically based on the cultural and social characteristics of each region and encouraging men to participate in development of basic health programs can be considered as solution to overcome the above crisis and it is a good opportunity to inform and sensitize society and government about importance of men's Health in the family and society.
"In the field of Quaid 19 disease, the issue of men's health is also of special importance; although members of society from young to old and men and women are at risk for coronavirus, age and sex as two important factors affect incidence or severity of symptoms, so far the incidence and severity of infection and mortality in men are higher than in women, these people need more care and attention.