Arak Health and Treatment Network


This center is in charge of main task of guidance, supervision and supporting of health & treatment subordinate units (urban Health & Treatment center, rural Health & Treatment center, health post, health house).

• Collecting, classifying and analyzing necessary information for vital programs and activities of health units, and providing reports

• Identifying and classifying local health problems and following them up

• Evaluating and identifying endemic and epidemic diseases

• Providing and notifying necessary administrative strategies to implementing national health services  plans for subordinate units

• Planning health plans, proportioning to local conditions to solve endemic and epidemic diseases

• Planning for development and changing in health centers, according to easy access to health services

• supporting and providing technical, administrative and financial of health houses and health & treatment 

• Carrying out health tests for controlling laboratory work of subordinate health & treatment centers and laboratory diagnosis

• Monitoring of laboratory services, dental services, medical services and etc. in units of subsidiary

• Regular evaluation of provided services in the units

• Gathering and surveying report of subordinate units activities and reporting them to authorities

• Following up and attracting public participation in improving services, self-help and etc.

Mr. Said Mohammad Dost