Mahalat Health & Treatment Network


Mahalat Health & Treatment Network acts as trustee of people's heath in this township in for  promoting the quantity and quality of health and treatment services and in this regard covers following units:
Mahalat Health Center, Imam Khomeini (Rah) Hospital and EMS Center.   

Mahalat Imam Khomeini (Rah) Hospital was established in 1981. This hospital has 100 approved beds and acts with offering services in following wards:
Clinical wards: Surgery, Internal, Gynecology, Pediatric, ICU, CCU, Maternity Ward, Dialysis, Emergency and Ophthalmologic Surgery
Para-clinical wards: laboratory, Radiology, Sonography, Exercise Test, Physiotherapy, Endoscopy, Diabetes Unit and Pharmacy
Now emergency with 10 beds, surgery, internal, pediatric and gynecology wards with 60 beds, CCU with 4 beds, Post CCU with 4 beds, ICU with 2 beds, maternity ward with 10 beds and dialysis ward with 5 beds are ready to service.

Manager: Dr. Abdol Rahim Ferdowsi